Unfortunately, there are times when captive wild felines
    become displaced.  We provide SAFE HAVEN or assistance
    in proper placement.   (Read more...)

    Captive Wild Feline Assistance - Wild felines in captivity have special needs.  
    Please contact the Wild Felid Advocacy Center if you have questions about legality in your
    area, species traits and needs, etc.

    While we do not advocate a "blanket" endorsement of private ownership we do know, given
    education and total dedication, it is possible to provide appropriate care and meet the needs of
    many species in captivity.  We believe we can further serve felines in captivity by offering
    assistance - rather than criticism.  It IS possible for individuals to acquire various species, so
    isn't it better that we DO something to make their lives better?

    Most "sanctuaries" are eager to criticize private ownership - after all, this is a valuable tool used
    to raise funds for their facility!  If the truth were told, they all started out as "private owners".

    Educational Presentations - The Wild Felid Advocacy Center is available to give
    presentations to your school or group.  Our KIDS 4 WILD CATS presentations are tailored
    to your age group and needs.  Education is the key to the survival of species!   
    Please contact us for more information.  Click Here

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